Çınar Halı has been awarded with America’s Magnificent Carpets Awards in three consecutive years.
"Queen's Delight" from "Holding Court" collection
 “Çınar”, a world brand
Çınar’s contribution into Turkish carpet culture as a domestic and international brand with its handmade silk carpets since 1935 is increasing day by day. Combining quality and art, Çınar has adopted the mission of forwarding the cultural heritage of Turkey to future generations and has achieved a success which is approved all around the world. Çınar’s winning 3 consecutive years the “America’s Magnificent Carpet Awards” recognized as the American Oscar for Carpet, is the most important proof of this success.

2007: First Global Award!
Atlanta Carpet Fair which is the biggest carper fair in the world, gathers every year, carpet manufacturers, designers, wholesalers and carpet admirers from all around the world. The carpets exhibited in Atlanta America’s Mart Museum are evaluated by textile and design experts.  In 2007, Çınar, which had participated the fair for the very first time, won “Consumers’ Choice Award” with its silk carpet from “Sultani” collection. The carpet with its main lines inspired by the woven fabrics of 1800’s and scales enhanced by genuine mini details is designed by Pelin Ertuğrul. Çınar’s quality has been certified by this award all over the world.
"Jester" from "Holding Court" collection
2008: “Sevgi Bağı” “Love Tie” Embraced the Award …
After having received the “American Magnificent Carpet Award” in 2007, Çınar had received the same award in 2008 for the second time. Çınar won “Consumers’ Choice Award”, being the most important award of the contest, with its carpet rich in green shades, named “Sevgi Bağı” from “Sultani” collection. The carpet with dimensions of 1.98 x 2.70, which was designed in one month by Pelin Ertuğrul, who is the Creative Director of Çınar, and was manufactured in over a year, reflects the designs on ton-sur-ton transitions.

Each carpet woven by Çınar has a story.  The main theme of the carpet which has won the award in 2008 is “love”… the wives, lovers, mothers bidding farewell to soldiers going to war, were taking out their scarves and tying them around the neck of the soldiers with a knot. By doing so, women were intending to remind the soldiers their home while they were far away and they believed that the knots would keep them far from harm. …

Mehmet Çınar is telling the story of the carpet as follows:
“This belief is the main story of the carpet. There are designs on the carpet which resemble to ties. We perceived the tie as a symbol of love and we have placed on the carpet love and belief of hundreds of women from every religion and language. By the sun we have woven in the middle of our carpet, we have shown our belief that love is more powerful than any other powers and can protect us and our beloved ones. And we named our carpet, starting from a necktie “Sevgi Bağı” (Love tie) ”
"Cordon" from "Emblem" collection
2009: The world has approved the quality of Turkish carpet for the third time …
Çınar, being mentioned most often by its continuously increasing quality perception and investments made on Turkish labor and workforce, won in 2009 for the third time, the award of “American Magnificent Carpet Award” which it had already won two consecutive years previously. More than 200 carpet manufacturers from all around the world, competing in 13 categories during International Atlanta Carpet Fair, had won awards in different categories by the votes of the jury. Çınar embracing the award with its carpet named “Hazal” from Sultani Collection became the first company, which won “American Magnificent Carpet Award” three consecutive years. This award is special because it is not only awarded by the jury but also by the votes of world’s biggest carpet manufacturers and designers participating into the fair.
The award winning carpet “Hazal”, has been created by Pelin Ertuğrul in one month after a period of deep research and creation. The manufacturing of this special carpet took one year and half; on a dimension of 2,39 x 3,00, 19 different colors have been used on black background, with diligently selected silk and qualified Turkish labor.

Çınar, importing 90% of its production, increasing its esthetic and quality perception continuously; reaches art-lovers all around the world with Turkish labor, Turkish silk and deep-rooted artistic aspects of Turkish culture. The secret of Çınar, bearing this mission by constant determination is; its self-confidence on believing that it can realize more each day and the trust in that this handcraft tradition shall rise higher.