Care Instructions

Use, storage and care of handmade wool – silk carpet:
· Vacuum clean the carpet smoothly once a week.
· Keep the carpet free of humidity and moisture.
· In order to prevent the dye of the carpet to fade, do not allow continuous and direct exposure to sunlight for long time.
· The carpet can have fluffs for a while depending on the used material.
· The fringes of the carpet can be deformed quicker. Please avoid vacuuming fringes.
· If there are tie knots on the surface of your carpet, cut them, do not pull them.
· Change the location of heavy objects placed on the carpet from time to time. Brush the trace of the objects with a smooth brush.
· If you face an inundation in your house and your carpets remain immerged in water, ask for professional help immediately. If you can’t have help, try only to dry the carpets by your own means.
· The washing, cleaning and care of the carpet have to be performed by qualified staff. Do not allow not qualified persons to wash, clean and care for your carpet.

· Immediate intervention to the stains on your carpet, shall ease the cleaning. Therefore, liquids dropped or poured on your carpet have to be absorbed with paper towels or baby powder. Remove solid particles by a spoon.
· Do not rub on the stains. This will cause the stain get deeper in the carpet.
· While cleaning a stain, remove it from the periphery to the center. It is important for the stain to be removed successfully, to be cleaned before it spreads.
· In case the stain is not removed, ask for professional help before insisting on rubbing. Wine, tea, chemical substances and seminal stains are to be removed by professionals. If you can’t have help, wipe it out with a paper towel, letting air in from below.